The Best Wedding Photography Ideas

Best Wedding Photography Ideas

If you’re planning a wedding, you should think about the photos that you want to capture! These fun photography ideas will help you take beautiful and memorable photos.

Photos From Above

If you’re getting married at a venue with two stories, you may want to ask your photographer to shoot you and your wedding party from above. These aerial-style photos provide a very different perspective. This is a unique and appealing photo style that many couples are experimenting with at their weddings.

Ring Photos

Your wedding rings are a symbol of the relationship you have with your partner. That’s why you may want to have your photographer capture a photo of your hands and nothing else. These beautiful photos can showcase your rings. A photo like this is something that you’ll cherish long after your wedding is over.

Generational Photos

Are your parents and grandparents going to be attending your wedding? If there are multiple generations of married couples in attendance, you may want to pose for a photo that shows all of these generations together. A photo like this can be fun and playful, but it can also become a keepsake. Encourage your parents and grandparents to pose for a photo with you.

Funny Face Photos

A lot of women are focused on looking their best on their wedding day. However, in photos, it can be fun to showcase a more playful side. Have your photographer take a few pictures of you making the silliest face you can. You may want to have the younger members of your wedding party join in on the fun.

Green-Screen Photos

You don’t have to stick with traditional-style photos when your photographer is shooting you on your wedding day. There are plenty of other types of photos you can try. For example, you may want to have the photographer shoot you in front of a green screen. This will allow them to edit the background of your photos easily.

Not all photographers offer this service, but this is something that is becoming increasingly popular. A lot of people are opting for movie-style photos. If you’ve ever dreamt of getting married at Jurassic Park, this is a photo style you’ll want to experiment with.

Toast Photos

It’s likely that people will be raising their glass in a toast during the day. Why not take a few posed pictures of people toasting? Have every member of your bridal party raise a glass and then clink those glasses together. Your photographer should be able to capture plenty of great-looking photos of everyone toasting each other.

Show Off Your Socks

When people are dressed up for a wedding, your socks generally aren’t going to be visible. That’s why this is a terrific opportunity to have a little bit of fun. Have people wear funky socks under their finery. When it’s time to pose for a photo, people can lift their pants or dresses so that the socks can clearly be seen.

All of these photo ideas are a lot of fun! Don’t be afraid to give them a try.

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